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Advantages of Bathtub Refinishing

Bathtub refinishing is the process of making damaged areas or refreshing worn out surfaces of the tube by use of etching acid which repairs chicks and cracks which this acid used provides mechanical adhesion on the repaired parts.

There is also another method of bathtub resurfacing where by the process is uses adhesion-promoting boding agents which increase the forces of attraction between the cracked areas mending them together, after use of this adhesion agents like siranes, coating is done which refreshes bathtub surface.

The refinishing process starts with cleaning of the tub by which soap scum, mineral deposits and body oils are removed followed by repairing of the cracks on the surface and this is done by applying of bond-enhancers which ensures solid bond between the old surface and the new finish and then a fine-finish spray is applied to increase the coating durability.
Bathtub refinishing is very important both to the house owner and the bathroom condition as it’s a more cost effective way of bringing the shine back of bathtubs, showers, countertops that are worn out, dull or that are extremely hard to clean and refinishing bathtubs instead of replacing them gives enables that brand new look at a fraction of the original cost of replacement.

Refinishing process will only involve the improving the state of the tube or the ceramics hence unlike the replacing bathtubs which will include extra processes leading to high cost as plumbing system must be altered to fit the new tub, tiles and floor job will be included adding extra cost not forgetting tearing of the wall to fit the required space of the tub as its better refinishing than replacing.

It takes less time to refinish a bathtub than replacing and installing another one which might take a longer period of time as the process of installing another has more tasks involved like doing plumbing, cleaning that area of work and even replacing tiles and might take a week or two.

One may not be in love with bathtub’s color and this does not mean you can live with an ugly-looking tub as during refinishing process, one can choose that colour he/she feels is the best and have it applied at no cost.
Refinishing bathtubs enables them to last long and when one refinishes his tub, it can last for even more than fifteen years rather considering replacement as all we need is how much a tube can last long and this can put a tub running for many years.

Bathtubs refinishing will reduce the amount of energy used in making of new tubs and ceramics, minimize mining and excavation of minerals used in making of ceramics which destroys land formula and also will minimize gases produced from there ceramic industries as there will be no need of making other tubs but only bettering the ones we have hence there wont be no more green house effect due to gases produced in the atmosphere during manufacture of other tubes.

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