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Great Reasons to Use MDF Skirting Boards

There used to be a time when skirting boards were made of hardwood. Today, MDF have surpassed the popularity of hardwood as the material for skirting boards. Below are some of the main benefits of using MDF skirting boards over all the traditional materials used which is real wood.

When it comes to the possibility of warping or cracking, MDF skirting boards are at no risk and this is the reason why many homeowners prefer to use this type of board. It does not warp nor crack because it is not real wood. Your MDF skirting board will not get affected by any changes in temperature or moisture.

This is the difficulty of dealing with real wood since they react to the condition of the environment they are in. Wood expands when there is moisture in the air because it absorbs this moisture. When there is low humidity, wood contracts. When joining two pieces of boards together, you can soon have a problem with wood. Perfect joins can be ruined if the wood expands or contracts and this will make the join unpleasant to look at.

MDF is moisture resistant. Using MDF skirting boards in area of high moisture is the perfect choice since there is no possibility that its looks will be affected by moisture. Areas like kitchens are bathrooms will have no problems with MDF skirting boards.

You will have no problem finding the right size of MDF skirting boards for your home. They are manufactured in large standardized sheets of different sizes. Standard sized lengths enable you to determine the exact number of pieces and the exact places where to put the joins. This is difficult to do with natural wood which is sold by meter. The reason for this is that trees do not yield exact lengths when harvested.

MDF skirting boards are also beneficial because you can paint them easily. MDF has no imperfections that will make painting difficult. MDF has no knots or splinters like you find in wood. And this makes MDF easier to paint. Sometimes you need extra coats of pain for wooden skirting boards because natural wood surface color is not consistent. Knots in wood are dark in color and this will require you to put many coats of paint because they show even after several coats.

The consistent surface of MDF makes it look great after painting. You will have a great painting finish with the flat skirting board surfaces from MDF.

These are just some of the many benefits of using MDF skirting boards for your home.

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