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Expert Tips on Choosing Snorkel Mask.

Figuring out how your snorkel mask should be working is not something you should be doing when you are supposed to enjoy snorkeling. This is one of the reasons why you should not be buying any kind of a mask you can get off the shelves. The first thing you should determine is how well it fits. The purpose of the rubber area of the mask is to avoid water getting on your skin. If this part is not doing its work maybe because it is not snug, you will fatigue easily and problems like fogging and leaking cannot be ruled out. Leaks will demand that you keep stopping to empty the water out. Fogging reduces your visibility and this is not something you want.

Silicone is the best material for your snorkel mask and you ought to make sure it is what you go for. You expect a rubber mask to develop lines of weaknesses over time and you will have cracks on it as days go by and you cannot ignore this because it is a danger to your health. Ensure the mask skirt is wide too. Given that it is wide, you will not have a lot of pressure on your skin which gives comfort but it also allows for a tight seal reducing the chances of leaking, fogging and other related issues which would call for constant stopping to adjust hence taking the fun out of the activity.

It is good to get a great mask but ensure that your peripheral visibility does not go with this. This will not be the case if the mask goes up to your eyes. It is good to test your peripheral vision with the mask on before making a decision to get it. Some masks will have you feeling like you are sitting before picture windows while others will give you a tunnel vision and neither of these situations is good. You will be better of when you have a wide angle view. There is no mask that does not have the possibility of fog formation but you can get one that has a low fog. It is something worth noting when you are buying your snorkel mask.

When you are underwater, your vision will be reduced, but you can have masks which come with a lens which increase your vision underwater. It does not mean you will have the ability to see when there is total darkness but the lens will remove glare from the images making them more clear and crisper and this is also enhanced by the fact that you will have some wavelengths removed from the light which is a good thing.

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